Book Release Party


Goldie’s Search for Silver
Book Release Party

Sunday, November 22, 2 – 4 pm
Tres Bien Yoga Studios
2935 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge

After dodging alligators, escaping cast nets, surviving hurricanes, losing buddies & finding friends, the Wise Mullet learns that Pretty Bayou is not a destination, but a state of mind.

New Orleans-based children’s author Timothy A. Weeks is proud to announce a release party for his third & final Wise Mullet book, Goldie’s Search for Silver. The party is open for all children and families who love books, nature, fishing and Louisiana. Refreshments will served, prizes given out and a special reading of the fish tale given by the author, accompanied by projected illustrations.

Young readers, along with the Wise Mullet Goldie, were left wondering “what if?” in Weeks’ second book, Ol’ Middler Saves the Day (nominated for the 2007 SIBA Book Award), after Hurricane Katrina struck & Goldie was separated from his mullet playmate Silver. In Weeks’ latest book the Wise Mullet Goldie searches Bayou Country for his long-lost Silver. Silver, meanwhile, shows her pluck by surviving hurricanes, alligators, ospreys, redfish and Cajuns with cast nets. Following a breathtaking rescue, Silver tells Goldie that “Everywhere is Pretty Bayou, when I’m together with you.”

Three years of painting, writing, photo taking and montage making went into the creation of Goldie’s Search for Silver. “We waded through swamps, dodged snakes, slapped mosquitoes and paddled up bayous to take the perfect photos,” says Weeks. “From cypress swamps to sandy beaches, it’s the Gulf Coast in all its glory.”

Croatian artist Lala Rascic blended Weeks’ photos with the paintings of his mother, Miss Jeanne, to create their unique “mullet montage” illustrations. Illustrations include photos taken from the Atchafalaya, the Tchefuncte and other scenic parts of Bayou Country–cypress swamps filled with herons, irises, crawfish & alligators.

But Weeks stresses that this story is not just about pretty pictures. It’s a tale of loyalty, friendship, bravery and perseverance. “People along the Gulf Coast know all about the importance of persevering,” says Weeks, who spent his youth pulling gill nets & shrimping with his father. “I try to put these lessons into stories that families can share and grandparents can read to their grandchildren.”


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