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Author Timothy A Weeks throws his cast net for students at St John the Evangelist in Pensacola

Timothy Weeks came to our school and spoke to PK-5 through 8th grades about his books and how his mother, Jeanne Weeks, created the illustrations for his books. The children loved hearing him read his book and the older children enjoyed learning about how the illustrations were made. 

Here is a student’s version of how his visit went. 

Timothy Weeks “The Mullet Man”

By Mackenzie Helmick, 6th grade St. John the Evangelist School

On Wednesday, September 23 Timothy Weeks, author of The Wise Mullet of Cook Bayou, Ol’ Middler Saves the Day: A Mullet Buddy Homecoming and Goldie’s Search for Silver visited our school.  Timothy read the final book Goldie’s Search for Silver to each grade.  His enthusiasm and wit toward the children were amazing and fun to watch.  His story was interesting and fun.  It taught a good lesson on friendship and to never give up.  The way Timothy interacted with his audience made it even more enjoyable.  Timothy not only made it fun for the little ones, but he also made it enjoyable for the older students. He didn’t just read the story he shared funny stories and pictures of his childhood.  Timothy even gave a presentation on how his mother Jeanne created the illustrations.  Timothy was a joy to watch, and I hope he comes back next year.


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