Author Visits

Author Timothy A. Weeks making cast net demontration

Download a school visit information flyer:
Author Visit Information

“Best author visit ever!”

We hear it all the time.  And we can’t wait to hear it from you.
Our Wise Mullet tales take students on a journey of close calls and marvelous surroundings that will nurture a love of reading and writing. Since 2005, we have educated and entertained at over 250 schools and 100,000 students (pre-k to 8th grade) from Florida to Louisiana. Dramatic storytelling, gorgeous illustrations, Character Ed values & the author’s love for the Gulf Coast make these tales perfect for AR celebrations, heritage awareness, Family Reading night, or any other time of the year. Older students will be fascinated by how the author’s digital photos and the illustrator’s paintings are combined with a computer to make our illustrations, which we call “mullet montages.” For the younger students, our interactive presentation (illustrations via powerpoint) will make them active, participating listeners. Presentations, which also show photos of the author growing up fishing on the Gulf Coast, conclude with a cast net demonstration involving a dozen students.

“Best value also!”

We know school budgets are being cut. And teachers are being asked to do more with less. So for the 2011-2012 school year we’ve cut our already-low author visit fees by 30% to 60%. Imagine an author visit under $200! It’s possible, depending on the timing and location.

So how about an unforgettable presentation of Goldie’s Search for Silver that will inspire your students to read & achieve?

Visit info

• Sessions last 35-45 minutes.
• Half-day visit (regularly $320 – now $160 to $220) includes 2 sessions (such as k-2nd grade & 3rd -5th grade)& book signing + 3 free books.
• Full-day visit (regularly $600 – now $250 to $400) includes 4-5 sessions, book signing + 3 free books & parent night (optional).
• Free teacher’s kit ($85 value) with full-day visit.
• Teacher’s kit includes stories on CD-ROM, standardized lesson plans + 2 free books

Download a school visit information flyer:
Author Visit Information

“Wow! We were so pleased with your visit. You know things were a big success when you walk down the school corridor and hear the students talking to each other about the things they learned. We also heard comments from teachers about this being the best author visit yet! We look forward to seeing you again in the future.”
-Kitty Hodges, Media Specialist, Callaway Elementary

“Thank you and Miss Jeanne for your wonderful presentations. Everyone loved it, and this is not an area that is free with their compliments.”
-Trish Hurd, Steinhatchee School

“FANTASTIC! AWESOME! You did an ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING job presenting your book to our school! You have an EXCELLENT presentation that captivated the attention of both our students and their teachers! For days I heard SO MANY compliments. You are definitely one of the best author and illustrator we have ever had visit our school! Thank-you for sharing your gift of writing with us!”
-Deb Thomas, Media Specialist, Bradenton Christian

“The feedback from our students and staff following your visit was phenomenal! I knew you were a hit when I noticed the faces of the students as they sat mesmerized by your tale and the fantastic accompanying illustrations. I know that our older students were really fascinated by Miss Jeanne’s description of how a book’s illustrations can come together through acrylic, photographs, and computers. I was so impressed with both books and your presentation today. We can’t wait for the next book and for your next visit!”
-Andrea E. Moreau, Media Specialist, East Hancock Elementary

“Outstanding job! Superlative book! I was very impressed! “The Wise Mullet of Cook Bayou” and your presentation were informative, entertaining, and insightful. The children were glued to the mullet’s every move through the bayous and bays. Every child could relate to making good and bad choices in their life just like the wise mullet and his friends. The dazzling vocabulary was instructive and environmentally correct right down to the bulrushes. I recommend this book to be read by or read to any child of any age. One of my children remarked, “Snap, it was sizzling!’ ”
-Ms. Holmes, 4th grade teacher, Cherry Street Elementary

“Timothy Weeks’ presentation to our third graders was entertaining, educational, and fun for all participants. They especially loved the net demonstration and the slides from Mr. Weeks’ growing up years. The topic of fishing was one that the students could really relate to.”
-Kathleen Schmidt, Vice Principal, Patronis Elementary

“We enjoyed yesterday and everybody had a rewarding experience. It is especially exciting to meet a new author from Florida. Your book and presentation really kept the attention of students, parents, members of the community and all who attended. Your presentation instilled so much including the importance of education, reading, writing and good character. Also the local information you taught was beneficial. It is important for young people to write about what they know and care about. I loved the way your book and presentation brought out that HOME also includes the future. You did an excellent job working with our students. Your ability to adapt your book and presentation to the level of your group is outstanding. I look forward to seeing you again very soon.”
-Sarah Smith, Bay District Schools Title I Transition/Mentor/Resource Teacher


3 responses to “Author Visits

  1. Hello again! I talked with my principal and she’s very interested! In fact, she wanted me to see if you could come the week of April 19 (we’re on Spring Break this week), but I see that your calendar is a bit full. Is there any possibility that you could come Monday, May 3 or Thursday, May 6? If not, could you possibly give me two or three dates that are good for you and I could run them by my principal?
    Thank you for considering us! I appreciate you trying to “work us in” at such a late notice. I understand if it is too late this year–

    Susan Fearn
    Castlen Elementary
    Grand Bay, Al (251)865-6733

  2. I want to talk to you about a possible march 1st visit. 2011

  3. The School is: Doyle Elementary PreK-6th
    Livingston, Louisiana
    225 686 2416

    Velva Trask/ Librarian

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