The Wise Mullet Awards

“Put the Coast in Your Class” – The Wise Mullet Awards
Promoting Literacy, Heritage & Character Ed in our Gulf Coast communities

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A one-hour presentation* for third graders in participating Gulf Coast schools in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Gulf Coast children’s author Timothy A. Weeks will promote literacy, heritage and Character Ed** through his popular Wise Mullet books. His interactive storytelling, accompanied by projected illustrations, will inspire your students to act wisely and make wise decisions throughout the school year. Character traits such as loyalty and perseverance are also strongly emphasized. Students will also see how computers are used to blend photos and paintings to make the illustrations. An exciting cast net demonstration by the author, the son of a commercial fisherman and oil-supply boat captain, follows.

Third graders in participating schools follow-up the author visit by writing an essay on the following theme: “How Can I Become a Wise Mullet?”

One third grader from each participating class is selected by the teacher for a Wise Mullet award certificate, based on the Wise Mullet character criteria (“Not who he was or what he said, but how he acted…”). Awards can be presented by a respected community member or school official at the end of the school year.

Wise Mullet books will be offered at a 33% discount ($10) on the day of the program, so students can take home the heritage and lessons to treasure with their families.

Total program cost for your school: $125. Includes author presentation, award certificates and a CD-Rom with the Wise Mullet stories and cross-curriculum lesson plans.

1) Inspiration to read, write and achieve
2) Greater appreciation and love of the Gulf Coast’s rich heritage
3) A long-term behavior incentive

* Modeled on the author’s six years experience with 300 schools and 150,000 students, this proven program balances minimal school disruption and cost with maximum enrichment.

** Subjects covered in presentations:
Language Arts (vocabulary, reading, writing skills), Character Ed (making wise decisions/loyalty/ perseverance), Art & Technology (computer generated illustrations), State History (commercial fishing), Geography (map skills), Science (marine ecosystems, food chains, weather ie. waterspouts & hurricanes)


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