Goldie’s Search for Silver

by Timothy A. Weeks

The Wise Mullet finale is finally here! Join Goldie’s search for his long-lost Silver, a plucky girl mullet who never gives up. Dodge hurricanes, alligators and Cajuns with cast nets, from Florida beaches to Mobile Bay, through Mississippi creeks into Louisiana bayous. And the happiest of happily-ever-afters, when Silver tells Goldie that “Everywhere is Pretty Bayou, when I’m together with you.” Classic storytelling and visual delight – it’s the greatest Wise Mullet adventure yet!

Goldie’s Search for Silver

Written by:
Timothy A. Weeks

Illustrator: Miss Jeanne
Illustrator and Design: Lala Rascic
Photography: Timothy A. Weeks
Editor: Kimberlee S. Bryant

ISBN 978-0-9779928-2-9
Published by Foolosophy Media 2009
copyright 2009 Timothy A. Weeks